Cold War Era Bunker under my Brother-In-Laws House

Our trip from east to west afforded us a couple of days visiting with Jean’s brother, Dr. Bill Clemente and his wonderful wife, Dr. Linda Clemente.
They recently retired to Auburn, Nebraska where they live in a most peculiar house.

Apparently, the previous owner was in the military during the 1950’s Cold War era and had a concrete lined bunker installed underneath his quiet little home in the middle of nowhere Nebraska.
The bunker shows evidence that it had an air “scrubber”, and a generator system.  The walls are a couple feet thick of reinforced concrete and included a shower, sink, pantry and chalkboard, presumably to continue the childrens education while hiding out from nuclear fallout.
Check out the video below off my Youtube channel!

This video is especially for our good friend, Amanda, who spent summers with her mom traipsing around the midwest looking at haunted buildings and cemeteries!