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A look at our favorite RV.

Leisures' Unity 24RL. A Mercedes Benz Class B+

What we like about it:

  • One reviewer said it best: "This is the RV we would design if we could build one for ourselves!"

  • Two separate living quarters: A front lounge that can be used as a day and dining area for four. It converts to a night sleeping area for two. The real lounge has a wonderful "L" shaped recliner with table and TV in the day time. At night it converts to a master bedroom with full separation from the front.

  • Style - This RV sizzles. Sleek, Euro-style cabinetry. Complimentary colors for the counters, flooring and upholstery. In the back lounge, they added a second window for more views of the outside.

  • The Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis and diesel engine give us a city-van-like drive.

  • The camper exterior construction is sleek, with one-piece fiberglass front and rear caps as well as bumper.
    We don't need or care for the huge over-cab bunks. The RL answers with a good looking top that doesn't have that Class C bulging forehead design.

  • When parked it has auto-leveling jacks and an electronic stabilization system.

  • Other features like tankless water heaters, convection oven and a bedroom seating area when the bed is up add to the list of likes.

  • Mercedes' new MBUX Experience. Dash touch screen, steering wheel and voice controls. Maps, directions, activation of cab settings, phone and emergency controls. This is the new Mercedes!


The Delano 24RW webpage.

What we don't like:

  • The exterior storage (32 cu ft) is small.

  • As of October, 2019, the Delano is just being rolled out to a number of dealers around the country. Most dealers are buying other floorplans. I have not yet seen a 24RW offered for sale.



LTV's 30 minute complete walkthrough of the Unity 25RL:

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Created: 19 October 2019

Updated: 20 October 2019