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This is the list of "Must Haves" and "Should Haves" for our dream rig:

The "Dinette/Recliner" (D/R)

Rule: Floorplan must have a two person recliner (or couch) directly across from the recliner.

For conversation, workspace, separation and relaxation, this floorplan fits us best. Other floorplans place the dinett and Recliner on the same side of the rig, or only have a single chair instead of the recliner.
This option begins appearing as early as 2015, but becomes more popular around 2018.


Rule: Innovative dining table.

The Coachmen 26DS has a hideaway seat that slides in and out to allow the cockpit passenger seat access to the table when needed. Others have removable tables between the cab seats. Most dinettes will always convert to a bed by rearranging the pads and lowering the table.

Full Recliner for the Couch

Rule: TV watching = feet up. Extra bonus for a center armrest and stowaway between the seats

Storage Under Table Seating

Rule: There can't be wasted space in a RV. If it can be used as storage, it must be made available.


Under $80K (from new up to 3 years)

Dealers should be offering our models regularly under $80,000 for between new to three year old models.

Under 29' (Class A)

Thirty feet is too big if we pick a Class A. Since this RV is our only vehicle (no towing), it's size must work for us to get around in towns, and especially parking lots. The smaller Class A's (under 27') don't offer the dinette/recliner floorplan we're looking for. If we choose a Class A, it will be around of 29'.

Under 26' (Class B+)

Twenty-three feet is too small if we pick a Class B+. The B+ models that have our floorplan all sit on the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 chassis that has a 170" wheel base. It's tight, but it works


  Under 26' (Class B) If we choose the Class C or B, we found models that are in the 24' class (26' length)

STORAGE Exterior Storage>50 cu ft The outside storage must exceed 50 cubic feet. This is needed for tools, wood blocks, chocks, power cables, hoses, tools and especially and:
    RAD Mini Folding Electric bikes
    ORU "HAVEN" Tandem Kayak
BED Full Walk-around Queen Bed There must be space to walk around on either side of the queen bed. This allows the bed to be made normally, without having to crawl into corners to access 1/2 the bed. It also creates space between the bed and the exterior walls, regulating temperature in the bed.
CAMERAS Must have a backup AND side mirror camera system The more eyes, the better. We really like the idea of a side view camera system for lane changing. All rigs nowadays come with the rear cam.
Leveling System Auto Leveling jacks will raise and lower the corners of the RV. Using a manual system requires bubble levels, wood blocks and two people to eyeball the level the rig. An automatic system just takes a couple of button pushes.
Mercedes does not allow the frame to be drilled in to, so HWH offers a clamp-on system.
Interior Doors A sliding pocket door to the bedroom and full door to the bathroom For better noise and light reduction, a full wood sliding door is needed. Also needed for privacy is full separation between the bath and bedroom/living area.
Bath Porcelain Toilet A must have, because the alternative is to have a plastic toilet.


These are the secondary items we're looking for in our RV. Important but not deal breakers:

CAB Table A removable table between the driver & passenger seat in the front cab area In lieu of a full dinette, this table offers a great alternative in a couples RV for a dining table. In the smaller Class B Plus and in the larger Class A's it's a great extra feature  
CAB - Work Table A rigid table on the dashboard or flips out on the side for the passenger A navigator work table is a great feature for a laptop, map reading or to lay out your electronics.  
Kitchen: Convection A convection/microwave hybrid Convection/microwave is more space efficient than a separate microwave plus standalone oven.  
Kitchen: Induction Induction burner Clean, fast, energy efficient, safe, good-looking and easy to clean. Using the induction burner also saves propane for heat and the water heater.  
Kitchen: cabinets A pantry with siderails Great use of space that keeps pantry items from tipping over and spilling while going down the highway.
Bath On Demand Heat Minimize space. Truma Aqua-Go is quality alternative for on-demand water heating.  
Tanks: Heat Pads Heating pads Keep the under-carriage items from freezing. heating pads on the fresh, grey and black tanks will keep the water from freezing and damaging the tanks, rig and pipes.  
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