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We're the Driveby Tourists! - Join us on our Journey!

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Welcome!  We’re Larry and Jean, a full-time RV couple traveling North America in our Mercedes Sprinter Class C motorhome.

After a lifetime of teasing our two children that one day we were going to buy a motorhome and leave no forwarding address, finally did it!

This is our diary, and our blog. It is our photo album and our scrapbook of this journey from the moment we began kidding around through purchase and on to full-timing around the country.  

We’ll list the add-ons, upgrades and other living items that we’re picking up, discuss options, and show modifications, hacks and other tips.

We’ve learned so much from the community already, and are putting this out there so the next couple that comes along may learn a thing or two from us.

Our timeline and journey from the our decision to full time, through the RV purchase process and on to our trip itself. 

Latest Posts
Humpback whale playing in the Depoe Bay Surf

Humpback whale playing in the Depoe Bay Surf

While watching the sunset on the Oregon Coast, we also got to watch a humpback whale play in the surf just off the beach!
Cold War Era fall out shelter/bunker in the middle of Nebraska

Cold War Era fall out shelter/bunker in the middle of Nebraska

A Cold War era fallout shelter/bunker underneath our relatives house in Nebraska.
A quick stopover in Louisiana

A quick stopover in Louisiana

An overnight at a cabin on Lake Martin in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. We fell in love with the Acadiana.
Outfitting The Rig

Great items for RV living that we discovered.
We show you the helpful tips and tricks that we've discovered along the way. We'll also show you the stuff we just can't do without.
On each page, you can follow the links to get these items while supporting this site.

Modifications and Upgrades

We need a place to store the hose and we want a better inverter.
Wouldn't be cool if we had more solar available; oh yeah - and the rig sways too much when we get blasted by a passing 18-wheeler.
These are just some of the issues and challenges we've come across. On our modification page, we'll show you the step-by-step process and provide you a link to the items we use. Take a look at what we've modded and upgraded.

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  1. Christine Wilson

    You crazy kids finally did it! I am so happy for you I could burst! Can’t wait to follow in your fun footsteps one day. We miss your faces!

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