RV Suction Cup Antenna Holder : DIY Cell Booster Antenna mount hack

RV Hack: Don't use sticky tape on your paint job to attach your cell antenna or flagpole.

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Glass suction cup holders used as a mount to attache an extended pole to the RV

What: A alternative to using the 3M sticky tape to attach your weBoost Destination RV expandable pole to your RV. We used suction cup handles instead of tape.

Why:  The weBoost kit comes with a two mounts attached to the pole. They are designed to slide into two mounting plates that are taped to the side of the RV.  We did not want to attach tape that will leave a sticky residue and cause possible permanent damage to the paint job.

How:  We picked up to suction cup handles that are used by the glass industry to move and handle glass panes. The suction is incredible strong.  When you activate the suction, it does not cause any damage to the RV at all.

We mounted one handle on the top of the back wall.  We used our extendable ladder to get up there. We mounted the other handle at the bottom.  

Then we extend the pole to the desired length with the antenna receiver and the coax cable attached.  To attach the pole, we just used two heavy duty velcro staps.  In this case it was the cable management wrap from Wrap-It®.


We’re very happy with how this turned out.  First, we didn’t have to screw a hole into the oustide wall, nor did we have to attach sticky, residue-leaving tape to place their mount bracket. 
Second, the suction cups are black, so they blend in very unobtrusively with the RV. 
Third, the suction cups work really well.  You just place them on the wall and flip the lever.  They do not bulge or pull the panel out of shape.  They don’t budge once set.  The handle area is made very sturdy and a great place to wrap velcro. 

Items Purchased

weBoost Destination RV Cell Data Booster

Official website:  https://www.weboost.com/products/destination-rv

Purchase weBoost Destination RV from Amazon: https://amzn.to/38NyoI4

FCHO Glass Suction Cups: 

Buy the Suction Cups from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WVhjtu

Wrap-It Velcro Cable Managment: 

Buy the heavy duty cable storage straps from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BJU6cv

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