Body-surfing Humpback!

Never have I ever – watched a humpback whale bodysurf… until now!

After a day of work, we setup our sunset watching table:  cheese, tea, crackers and binoculars.  Jean asked if I had my camera.  I said no, because we hadn’t seen any whale spouts all day long.

About five minutes later, all the beachgoers saw a huge pectoral fin as a humpback whale slapped around in the water and did a full body roll no more than 25 yards off the sand, just past the breakers!

I sprinted to the RV and was able to capture these photos as the humpback was playing or feeding just off the beach north of Depoe Bay, Oregon.  

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 Depoe Bay is the “smallest” harbor in the world, with a deadly entrance that boat captains must negotiate with incredible precision.  The bay is also home to a pair of California Grey Whales who reside year round just off-shore.  The whales have stayed so long that a couple of whale watching boats are in business on the harbor.

Check out the additional photos of our body-surfing humpback at our photo page:

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