The Best Thing We Love Right Now: UGG “Dawson” Comforter from Bed Bath and Beyond!

Mattress Upgrade

Bed comforter in an RV.

What: The comfiest comforter we ever owned

Why:  Because once we felt the material, we couldn’t not get it

How:  Bed Bath and Beyond

Don't Buy Anything New!

We didn’t plan on buying this.  We told ourselves that we weren’t buying new stuff for the RV, if we already had one in our possession.

For me, that meant sticking with a Black and Decker screwdriver/drill I’ve had for a couple of years instead of spending a couple hundred on a new DeWalt drill!  For Jeannie that meant sticking with our serviceable duvet and cover for the bed.

That is until we walked into Bed Bath and Beyond!

UGG "Coco Dawson" Comforter - Gray

Pictures don’t do it justice. You gotta run your hands through the fabric.  The comforter looks like a shar pei.  It feels so soft and pliant, and the fur is so rich.  Add to this, the weight of the comforter and you’re sleeping on a furry, fluffy cloud!

The comforter is the Ugg “Coco Dawson” Snow colored comforter in Queen/Full size

We found out later that it is designed to go white-side up, but we like it grey side up better.

We didn't stop there

By the time we left the store we added two pillows, new bedsheets and the the silkiest, smoothest furry rug you ever slipped your feet around in!

Items Purchased

UGG – “Dawson” Comforter

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