"Gertie The Galloping RV"

"Gertie" The Galloping RV

Everyone names their RV.  They just do. 
Say hi to ours:  “Gertie The Galloping RV”.

In Tacoma, Washington, “Galloping Gertie” is the endearing name given to the first Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which collapsed four months after it opened in 1940.  

An engineering design gaff caused an unrepairable “aeroelastic flutter”, which made the bridge sway anytime there was a strong wind in the narrows.

An homage to Galloping Gertie as part of artwork created for McMenamin's Elks Temple in Tacoma.


When we arrived in Tacoma, we loved driving over the new bridge (it’s fixed), and seeing the beauty of the Olympics on one side, and Mt. Rainier with the bridge on the return trip home.

When it came time to name our RV, we couldn’t resist.  There was one name and one name only: Gertie.


Deep below the surface of the Tacoma Narrows, among the ruins of a bridge once nicknamed “Galloping Gertie,” the King Octopus is said to live. At a rumored six hundred pounds and with eight massive tentacles, the King certainly lives up to his title. Noted as one of the eleven wonders of Tacoma, the legend of this giant octopus is one that is ingrained in Tacoma’s colorful culture.

Outfitting "Gertie"

RV Outfitting Page

We did not skimp here. On this page, we broke down every category from Water, to Electrical to Patio, to Emergency to Toys, tools and much more. 

Since we full-time in a Sprinter Class C, space is at a huge premium.  There is a constant conflict between having everything we need in our life on a daily basis on one side, and the space needed and the weight requirements on the other.

To that end we have sought out items that can serve double duty; items that are sturdy and will stand up to constant packing, unpacking, travel and daily use; as well as items that are light weight.

Take a look.  We provide an explanation and rationale for each item.  In addition, we provide a link to the item on Amazon or and other vendors so you can buy the same product.  

Our hope is that our research and trial-and-error helps you from spending money on something that isn’t worth the time and effort.

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RV Modifications Page

Hacks.  DIY.  Upgrades.  Mods.  Whatever you want to call it, this is where it lives.  If the items that came with the RV at purchase wasn’t up to snuff and we replace it, then we’ll cover it here.  You’ll find out about inverter upgrades, additions to the water system, how we created a wifi network on board, etc.

Coming Soon: Gertie The Galloping Gallery

Photos of Gertie in her natural habitat will soon appear.