Thor Motor Coach Substitutes “SV” Sprinter Chassis’ for the Real Thing on Tiburon and Delano Models

2022 Thor Tiburon and Delano's with Substituted "SV" Sprinter Chassis


In early 2022, Thor Motor Coach Corporation has begun substituting the fully outfitted Mercedes Sprinter VS-30 3500XD chassis with a lesser version on their upgraded Thor Tiburon and Delano Class C Sprinter based motorhomes.  They have labeled it “SV”.  WIth this model, you will not get adaptive steering controls, motorized and heated seats, upgraded HUD (heads-up display) and the MBUX infotainment system, amongst other items that have been stripped.


In 2019, Mercedes Benz rolled out a much awaited upgrade of the venerable Sprinter Chassis.  From the outside, the new VS-30 chassis resembles older version of the Sprinter. One noteable exception is the sleeker “hawk-eye” headlamps.

In the cab and under the hood, the changes were significant. Upgrades included:

  • Heated, motorized seats with memory settings
  • Modernized dash display with multiple information and monitoring features controlled by the left side panel on the steering wheel.
  • MBUX – Mercedes’ new infotainment system featuring “Hey Mercedes” voice activated assistant.  MBUX is also your map, radio, music, weather and system monitoring system.
  • Distronic, adaptive driving assistive features including:
    • Active Brake Assist
    • Active Lane Keeping
    • Steering Assist
    • Congestion Emergency Braking
Tying in with the new Sprinter roll-out, Thor introduced two new Class C models: Delano and Tiburon. They retired three older lines; the Citation, Synergy and Siesta.  
The Delano and Tiburon lines were their top-of-the-line offerings with all the amenities.  Thor continued to offer lower-tied Class C’s in the Quantum, Four Winds and Chateau lines.
In 2020 through part of their 2022 year line, the Delano and Tiburons were manufactured on Mercedes fully outfitted VS-30 Sprinter chassis’ with all the above noted features.


A change for the worse

With little fanfare or notice, Thor recently changed the Delano and Tiburon websites.  They removed all reference to the MBUX features, but did keep mention of heated seats and adaptive features. RV dealers in early 2022 began advertising Class C RV’s with the “SV” designation.

What's missing?

Based on a number of photos there are a number of features lacking on the “SV” Units.


The infotainment systems is either downsized to 7.5″ width or removed all together.  The SV versions will either use a smaller 7.5″ screen that does not have touch-screen capabilities or is replaced altogether with an aftermarket radio system.

MBUX display Mercedes Sprinter touchscreen

Drivers-side Information display

An older, monochrome version replaces the newer multi-colored screen.  The upgrade version has a mini version of the MBUX system as well as additional adaptive options and fuel, oil and DEF level readings-

Heated, Motorized Seats

The upgrade version has heated, motorized controlled seats with two memory setting. The controls are located on the doors.  The “SV” version will not have this.

What next?

It will be interesting to see if this is a temporary adjustment as Thor scrambles to acquire hard to get Sprinter chassis for their Class C motorhomes.

Going forward, prospective buyers need to be aware of these changes both for new vehicles and used coaches.

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