Our #1 RV improvement: Custom Bed Mattress from Mattress Insiders

Mattress Upgrade

mattress_insider mattress for our foldable bed in our RV

What: An upgrade to our factory mattress

Why:  The one from the factory sucks.  No.  Really.  It sucked bad.

How:  Custom ordered from Mattress Insider’s website.  Their customer service was top-notch; they asked a lot of questions and we couldn’t be happier with the price and product.

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Our Class C Mercedes Sprinter RV comes with a folding bed.  The bedroom is at the rear of the RV.  A rear slide-out extends allowing the bed to lay out for sleeping.

The bed is full-size and has a fold in the dead center to allow the mattress to fold when you put the bed away. 

The mattress was very lumpy and after three months of use, began to compress to the point of being unusable.  We tried adding a memory foam topper, but this just made the bed spongier.  We prefer a firm mattress. After a couple of weeks with the topper, we just ditched them as it was making our sleep worse.

Mattress Insider to the Rescue

Finding a company who makes custom, folding mattresses for boats and RV’s isn’t easy. Most “RV” mattress companies only offer variations on some of the custom sizes used in the industry.

Our searching around brought us to two companies.  Mattress Insider was one of them.

We sent an iquiry to both companies explaing that we needed a full-size, foldable (at the middle), firm memory foam mattress. 

The first company offered us two choices: a memory foam/latex foam combo and a gel memory foam with “smooth top”, though they never explained what a smooth top was.  They did offer free shipping and a four week production time, but their two choices were $1,500 and $1,600!

Nathan “The Mattress Jedi” Gerardy from MattressInsider.com contacted me and asked a number of leading questions in order to find a solution for our needs:  How do you sleep (side, back)?  Limitations on thickness? Our combined weight? What types of foam? and so on.

He responded to my questions and gave me a detailed explanation on how the differing foam types will work. Ultimately we decided on a 6″ thickness with a center hinge. 6 inches was important, as we didn’t want the folded sections to impede the bed from staying put when traveling.

Nathan suggested a firmness level of “7/10”.  We knew that our preference was as firm as possible on a memory foam bed, so we took a chance and ordered ours with a firmness of “8/10”.  The best thing was the price. Easily 1/3 the cost of the other manufacturer and MattressInsider.com also offered free shipping.  Our one issue was the timeframe.  Due to lockdown shipping backlogs, we did need to waite a bit more than two months for delivery.


We were very nervous about the results.  When you dish out a couple hundred bucks on a mattress – sight unseen – you’re taking a gamble.

What if it isn’t what we ordered? What if it’s too soft, or hard?  What if we feel the hinge while laying on it?

All of our concerns were unfounded.  They bed arrived with detailed instructions on ‘airing it out’.  We immediately set in the RV and it fit perfectly.  It folded right, and was all the right dimensions.

The big test was the comfort, and we both agreed that it feels wonderful.  I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep in the future.

If you’re in the market for a mattress upgrade, contact MattressInsider.com.  You’ll be happy you did.

6 Month UpdateNot a thing has changed on the mattress.  We sleep on it nightly.  The mattress is as good as our home mattress, and still feels wonderful.  Unlike the bed that came with the RV, you never even feel the hinge on this one.

Items Purchased

Custom Size Mattress

Product:                      6″ Custom Elation Gel Foam Mattress

Base Foam Firmness: Firm – 50IFD

Part Number:           VC27148NG

Dimensions:              54 x 74 x 6 W/ Horizontal Hinge at 37″ from the foot of the bed.

Product Verification: 6″ Elation

Customer Agreement: Customer understands all custom mattresses are allowed up to a 1″ variation in either direction from the original measurements  

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    I am waiting for my Tiburon 24RW to arrive at any day. The information contained here has been tremendous for us to make plans and save time and effort. Thanks so much.

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