Product Overview: weBoost Destination RV Cellular Antenna Booster

Upgrade: weBoost "Destination RV" Cellular Antenna Booster

Cellular Data Booster

Common wisdom says that you should always invest in excellent quality products if they are between you and the ground.  Buy better than good socks, shoes, tires and a mattress.  In the same vein, you should never skimp on rechargeable batteries.  We use these for many items in our RV:  remotes, alarms, the flash unit on my DSLR, our point-and-shoot Fuji Fine Pix, computer mice, etc.  Since efficiencies of space are in such demand, it makes sense to use rechargeables instead of one-use disposables.  Less storage, less waste.

Rather than go into a long sermon on the different types and brands, suffice to say that I did my homework on the battery end and invested in high mAh (milliamp) brands with longer recharge cycles.  I’m just hoping to get the best bang for my buck.

Panasonic Eneloop

The Panasonic Eneloop series is the top-of-the-line.  I selected a 12-pack of Eneloop “Black” AA long lasting for cameras and camera flash units, a 12-pack of Eneloop “White” quick charging AA for remotes and items that will not draw as much power,  and an 8-pack of AAA.  

We also bought a 2-pack of Hixon 850 mAh 9-volt batteries.  Additionally, we bought four “D” cell and four “C” cell enclosures.  You drop an AA battery inside and screw on the top.  You now have a rechargeable D Cell battery!

rechargeable batteries

The Bonai 8+1 Charger

The Bonai charger is straight-forward.  You load the batteries; eight main slots for either AAA or AA, and one additional for 9V batteries.  When powered, the charger display shows the level of charge for each battery.

When fully charged, the indicator display show each battery at “full”.

The Test

I loaded the first batch with eight AA and one 9V. They indicated a full charge after about four hours (the blue display area stops blinking). Look at the photos of the paper for the results. 

While disposable AA batteries are rated to supply 1.5 volts, they generally deliver 1.6 volts when new. By contrast, most rechargeable cells create about 1.4 volts when fully charged. That number decreases slowly as the power drains out of the cells, and most devices designed to run on a pair of AA batteries stop working at about 1.2 volts.

The highest I recorded was 1.443 volts for the AA, and 1.471 for the AAA.  The 9 volts registered 8.39 volts.

I was quite happy with the the out come and know I have enough batteries to never run out.  The charger was simple to use, and it’s display was bright and easy to understand.  

Items Purchased

Panasonic eneloop AAA

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Bonai 8+1Charger

Official Bonai product page

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