Product Overview: weBoost Destination RV Cellular Antenna Booster

Upgrade: weBoost "Destination RV" Cellular Antenna Booster

Cellular Data Booster

A strong cellphone data signal is one of the most important tools for those of us who work on the road. A weak 4G signal will stop or severely limit your ability to check email, log in to a conference call or place an order from the road.  

Cell booster antennas take a weak signal, amplify it and then retransmit the boosted signal  inside your RV. 

On the road, you get internet access one of two ways:  from someone else’s WIFI (Starbucks, or the RV park you’re staying at), or to provide your own by purchasing a cell data plan from a nationwide provider.  We carry two phone plans in our RV: one that is Verizon based and one that is AT&T based. We covered our cell data plans and our great little travel router in this post.

There are numerous articles on the different types of cell antenna boosters.  Here, I’m I’ll talk about the weBoost Destination RV cell booster, and the success we had using it.

weBoost Destination RV

For your RV, weBoost offers two types of cell phone antennas. In 2022 they two models:  the Drive Reach RV and the Destination RV.

While each does the same job, there are a number of differences:

  1. Mobile versus stationary.  The Drive-Reach’s antenna is permanently fixed to the vehicle and operates when the vehicle is in motion.  The Destination RV’s antenna must be set up when parked at a stationary location.
  2. Omnidirectional versus unidirectional antenna – The Drive Reach’s antenna searches in a 360 degree pattern for nearby cell towers.  The Destination RV’s antenna is unidirectional, meaning you must locate and direct your antenna directly at a nearby tower.

In short, the Drive/Reach is usable either on-the-go or parked and the Destination RV is usable only when parked at a campsite.

weBoost destination antenna review.


The Destination RV has exceeded our expectations. It boosts weaker signals, allowing us to get a stronger signal inside the RV for work and streaming.


The Destination RV antenna is designed to work best when the RV is parked at a campsite.  There are three main components to the unit:  the external antenna, the amplifier and the internal antenna.  You mount the external antenna outside your rig and point it to the nearest cell tower.  You then connect the antenna to a booster which amplifies the existing signal, and sends it to an internal antenna.

weboost destination cell antenna drivebytourists

Rather than permanently place adhesive on the rig, or drill holes in it, I purchased a couple of glass suction handles and velcro strapped the large pole to the RV.

We placed the inside antenna and amplifier behind a TV above our dinette.  The dinette is where we set the laptops during the day.  The inside antenna has a very short reach, so you almost must be right on it to get its full effect.

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weBoost Destination RV Cell Data Booster/Antenna

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weBoost destination antenna review.

weBoost destination antenna review.

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