Ditch the Interstate: Backroads of Kentucky

The US Interstate system is necessary but for RV’ing, it is incredibly boring.
We spent five days on the Interstates at the start of our trip, driving the length of Florida – up and back. Then we went from The Atlantic Coast of FL to Louisiana, then onto eastern Tennessee.

Throughout this trip, we drove fast, found rest stops to pull over and stretch or have a lunch and found gas stations.  What we didn’t see was anything of interest. The long stretches of I-10, I-55, I20 and I-59 we were lined with a hedgerow of tall trees blocking out the surrounding countryside.  After five days, I couldn’t take it any longer.  I had to see something more than billboards for local ambulance chasing attorneys, Buckees and Waffle House signs.

We started in Bristol,  Tennessee and continued into Southern Virginia then onto Kentucky.

Take it from us… if you can afford two or three extra hours of driving, do a Google search for “Scenic Byways” and enjoy the ride.