A stopover in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

When we were shopping for our RV, we joined a Facebook group called Thor Delano & Tiburon Owners Group.  This great group has helped as we all take ownership of our new RV’s.  I was the second person to joing the group in early 2020. 

Early this year as we were finalizing our travel plans, Jean and Debora from the group invited us to their cabin on Lake Martin in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana!
We couldn’t say no, so we said good-bye to Florida and made the trek across the gulf to the Acadiana region.

I so wish that we had more time to spend with these two wonderful people!  Unfortunately, other issues took precedence, but we will be back!!


Louisiana #drivebytourists, #majercin
Here’s a great story — We were running about 2 hours behind schedule. As we neared Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, Debora told us to pull into the supermarket on the main road, as there was a detour heading to their house due to flooding.
Debora sees our Tiburon driving past her. She took off after us, trying to flag us down, and honking her horn. Finally she caught our attention at a gas station. She looked at the driver and said, “Larry?!”. The driver said “No. I’m not Larry.” She then looked at the female passenger and decided that wasn’t Jeannie Majercin, either!
Confused she started to drive off, and looked at the license tags; seeing that they were from Texas!
In the meantime, Jeannie and I had made it to their cabin, as Google Maps redirected us on a different route that bypassed the entire town.
What are the odds that there would be two gray Tiburons in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana on a Tuesday at 4pm?!!! (Debora got a blurry photo of my doppelganger driving off)!

The picture below is of my evil twin RV!