Outfitting our rig in St. Augustine

When we decided to purchase our new RV on the other side of the country, we knew that it would have to be outfitted for the drive back to Washington.
Because of production delays during the COVID-19 pandemic, our RV took nine months to ship.

Our solution was to ship four 70 pound suitcases via American Airlines. We learned that by flying first-class, you are allowed two checked bags, up to 70 pounds.  So, first class it was!

Once at our rental for the week in St. Augustine, FL we unloaded the cases and filled up the rig with all sorts of tools, gadgets, hoses, cables and kitchen ware.

Here’s the entire process, sped up to 36 seconds total!

After this, we spent a few days cruising around Florida and the St. Augustine area, testing out all the items and the RV.  It worked like a champ!

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