Finally! We bought an RV!

We got it!  WOO HOO!!

After a nine-month wait — due to a seven-month RV industry backlog —  we are the owners of this 2022 Mercedes Sprinter, Thor Tiburon 24RW!

We spent Friday afternoon with a pro from the dealer, who took an hour or so to walk-through all the features and components of the RV.

How the heck do you drive this thing?!

Immediately after Neil left us, we spent the next hour looking over the rig for ourselves.  When we decided to head back to the showroom to finish up, Jeannie attempted to drive the RV across the lot.

Now, we haven’t had a new car in forever. Our Hyundai Tucson is 14 years old!  Apparently, cars have come a long way in the last decade!  We couldn’t even figure how to get it out of PARK!

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